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One of the ancient Babylonian kings was named Hammurabi.  King Hammurabi was a very clever man.

Hammurabi was tired of people changing the laws whenever they wanted an advantage.  So Hammurabi did something no one before him had ever done.  He had all the laws written down on stone and clay tablets.  He did this so that everyone could know what the law was and no one, not poor man or noble, would be able to say that that wasn't the law.

Hammurabi also built the city of Babylon in Marduk's honor. Marduk was the most important god in Babylonian. All the other gods reported to Marduk, just as all the other nobles had to report to the king of Babylon. This was very clever of King Hammurabi. People were afraid to attack Babylon. They did not wish to risk Marduk's anger!

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