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Ancient Mesopotamia Unit

Taking the Mystery Out of Mesopotamia

Marvelous Mesopotamia The Land of Firsts

Ancient Mesopotamia UNIT

Daily Life in Ancient Sumer

Translators Needed: Apply Within (Cuneiform Lesson Plan)

Lesson Ideas
Create travel voucher "Sumer Sites"
Help your neighbor - Be a good Sumerian!

Free Presentations in PowerPoint format about Ancient Mesopotamia

Mesopotamia Lesson Plans

Lesson: Mesopotamia Women

Irrigation to City-States, ancient Sumer (lesson)

Cylinder Seals Lesson Idea: Small group activity. Their job in each group is to divide into two sides and then negotiate a contract with give and take to accomplish a positive outcome. Once achieved, that contract is signed by each participant with their individual cylinder seal, which places that contract into law. From there, you flow naturally into the importance of written laws, etc. It's a fun lesson. First the kids make their individual seals out of half of a potato (potato halves provided by the teacher.) Then they research the goal I give them, or create a simple goal of their own once they hear examples (you want a dagger, you want food, you want an ox, etc.) Then they negotiate. Then they sign using their cylinder seals dipped in ink. It usually takes 2-3 days. Their contracts make an interesting wall display and each contract reflects life in ancient Mesopotamia.

Cuneiform lesson plan

Hammurabi's Code lesson (EdSitement)

Ur in the age of Hammurabi

Ancient Inventions (Donn)

A Walk in Time - Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt

Interactive Quiz about the Land Between Two Rivers (with answers)


Life in Ancient Mesopotamia

Women's Role in Ancient Mesopotamia for Teachers

Headline Events in the History of Civilization

Stories & Games for Ancient Mesopotamia

Free Presentations in PowerPoint format
for Ancient Mesopotamia - Sumer, Babylon, Assyria

Free Sumer, Babylon, Assyria Clipart for Kids & Teachers

Mesopotamia for Kids

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