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The ancient Mesopotamian people loved toys and games. They worshiped their gods every day, but they also found time to play. Many ancient civilizations claim they invented the game of checkers, but it really might be from ancient Mesopotamia - the Sumerians invented so much. Some of their game used dice. They made toy bows and arrows, sling shots, boomerangs, hoops, and invented many games that used balls (throwing, tossing, chasing, rolling). They played a game called button buzz. They also loved hunting, boxing, wresting, racing, music, dancing, feasting, and story telling!

Here are some free online games and stories about ancient Mesopotamia. (Flash games have been removed.) Have fun!


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Myths, Stories, Legends:

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Gilgamesh and the Cedar Forest

A Tale of Three Merchants

Trade and Transport

The Sumerian Creation Myth (animated, video)

How Marduk Became King of ALL the Gods (story)

Marduk Myth, animated video

The Babylonian Creation Myth (animated, video)

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