Ancient Mesopotamia for Kids - Free Interactive Games and Activities Illustration

Ancient Mesopotamia for Kids - Sumer, Babylon, Assyria

Meet the ancient Mesopotamians - the early people who invented the first sailboat, the first super hero, the first four level homes, the first war helmets, the first written language, the first written laws, and the gloomiest gods. They were the first farmers and invented the wheel to help them farm and trade!

Thousands of year ago, there were three major civilizations in ancient Mesopotamia - ancient Sumer, ancient Babylon, and ancient Assyria. The Sumerians are known as the inventors; the Babylonians as the builders; the Assyrians as the warriors. Sumer was first, in the south. Babylon in time took over. The northern region was dominated by the Assyrian culture. Collectively, these three civilizations were the first real civilizations in ancient times. That's why ancient Mesopotamia is nicknamed the Cradle (or birth) of Civilization. It's other nickname is "the land between two rivers".

Ancient Mesopotamia covered an area that was about 300 miles long and about 150 miles wide. The villages, towns and cities in ancient Mesopotamia were built between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. These two rivers flowed into the Persian Gulf. With all this water, it's no wonder the ancient Mesopotamians invented the first sailboat.

The people in the south made beautiful pottery and built two-level, three-level, and even four-level homes of sturdy sun-baked brick. Some of their art was absolutely beautiful, especially on buildings, some reflected their life and their heroes. They believed that contracts, once signed, were binding and that all people were equal under the law. The people in the north under Assyrian rule were warriors. Their art reflected triumph in battle. They had some gods in common, but for all, worship of their gloomy gods was a big part of daily life. Assyria would have liked Babylon to be leveled, and Babylon would have liked Assyria to disappear, but in spite of how different they were, they somehow managed to mostly get along.

Welcome to ancient Mesopotamia!

Geography, History, Government

The importance of geography in Ancient Mesopotamia

Early Pioneers in Ancient Mesopotamia, settling down

Development of Agriculture

Development of Government

What does it take for a group of people to become a civilization?

Ancient Sumer

Ancient Babylon

Ancient Assyria

Trade & Commerce, Clay Balls and Tokens

Architecture, Buildings

Daily Life

Classes of People



Kids went to school

Toys & Recreation

Art & Craftsmen

Music and Instruments (hear it!)

Cuneiform the first written language

Cylinder Seals, personal IDs!

Royal Tombs of Ur


Deities, Legends, Inventions

Religion - A Big Part of Daily Life

The Gloomy Gods & Goddesses

Myth: How Marduk Became King

The Legend of Gilgamesh (the first superhero!)

Gilgamesh Makes A Friend

Gilgamesh and the Tree of Eternal Life

More Myths and Stories (some interactive, some animated)

Ziggurats - Temples

And More

Inventions, Achievements - So Many Firsts - the Wheel, the Sailboat, the Plow, and more

The Library at Nineveh

Hammurabi's Code - Written Laws

Hanging Gardens - Ancient Wonder

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Quiz! Interactive Quizzes with Answers

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