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Mesopotamia Lesson Plans and Activities For Teachers

Hammurabi's Code: Before there was a Supreme Court.. there was Hammurabi!

  • Open the Lesson: Open the lesson with something like this: "Let's say you are a carpenter and the house you build accidentally falls down and crushes its owner. What happens to you? According to the code of Hammurabi, DEATH of course!
  • Make copies of this list of laws as a handout for classroom use. On the other side of this handout, create a couple of crimes, for classroom discussion. Direct the kids to: "Read the crimes and see if you are fit to be a judge under Hammurabi's code." Give them a minute to read the crimes and to try and find the punishment from the list of laws on the other side of handout. Brief classroom discussion.
  • Divide the kids into groups. Have them each create 1 or 2 "crimes." Have each group ask the rest of the class to fit a punishment to the crime in Hammurabi's time. Discussion after each group presents, and the class determines what Hammurabi might give as punishment could include: "Does this seem a fitting punishment? What might be the punishment today? Are we too easy on criminals, today? Was crime reduced during Hammurabi's rule?" 

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