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Ancient Mesopotamia for Kids

The ancient Sumerians must have thought music was important because the remains of instruments have been found by archaeologists in their tombs. They created a wind instrument made of wood or bone. When you blew into it, it made a hollow, odd, flute-like sound. They also played hand-held drums, rattles, harps, and lyres. Music, like everything else, was played in honor of their gods.

The ancient Babylonians continued the Sumerian tradition of music and added to it an instrument much like a piano.

The ancient Assyrians were not interested in music unless it was war related. They liked drums and horns and anything that made loud, scary noises.

Music in Ancient Mesopotamia

Over 5,000 years old! Hear it - Echoes from Ugarit: Composed in 3400 BC, the oldest music notation in the world, modern instruments, ancient melody

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