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The Assyrians were a tribe of people that lived at about the same time as the ancient Babylonians. The Assyrians lived in northern Mesopotamia. The Babylonians ruled the south. The ancient Assyrians were great warriors. They created ceramics, painted with scenes of war and battle. They thought of the Babylonians as weak and figured they would be an easy tribe to conquer. But the Babylonians built huge walls to protect themselves. Although the Babylonians were not even close to being as good in battle as the Assyrians, the courageous Babylonian warriors combined with the walls around their towns and cities were enough to keep the Assyrians out of Babylon for a very long time. The Assyrians did ultimately did conquer Babylon, along with nearly every other tribe in the land between two rivers. In fact, they conquered so many tribes that their civilization grew to become an empire. The PowerPoints below will give you a quick look at this smart, tough, warrior civilization, the ancient Assyrians.

Assyria – The Empire

Assyria – The Empire of Warriors

Babylonia and Assyria

The Key to Assyria’s Success in the Fertile Crescent

Assyria in the Bible – The Book of Nahum

Assyrian Empire – The World’s First Military Machine

Assyrians, 900 BCE

Assyrians – Location

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