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The Babylonian civilization was built on the ruins of the ancient Sumerian civilization. The city of Babylon, the main city, was built in the land between two rivers. It was an absolutely beautiful city. Babylon was the jewel of its time. Everything about it was built to honor the Babylonia main god, Marduk, who was an extremely capable and clever god. Although the people believed Marduk would protect them from everything, they built huge walls around the city to help Marduk protect the Babylonian people from the warrior civilization to the north, the Assyrians. Beyond the wall were fields of crops, irrigated by a system of canals. Babylon is famous for many things, but perhaps the most famous is that Hammurabi, a Babylonian king, created the first set of written laws - the same laws for all the Babylonian people, be they rich or poor. Below are links to some free PowerPoints about ancient Babylon. Take a look!

Ancient Babylon


Babylonia and Assyria

Babylon, 1867 BC – 700 AD

Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Babylon in the Bible

Iraq / Ancient Babylon


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