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The ancient Sumerians created many inventions, some of which were the wheel, the plow, the first sailboat, and the first written language - cuneiform. Cuneiform began to be used as early as 5000 BC. As the civilization of Sumer started to decline, other civilizations continued to use the Sumerian written symbols. Thanks to the Sumerians, we know a great deal about the ancient Mesopotamian civilizations of Babylon and Assyria as well. There are many cuneiform tablets that are still waiting to be translated today, and more ancient tablets still being found. The more scientists translate, the more we learn about the ancient Sumerians.

Cuneiform and Stylus Writing

The Story of Scripts – An Illiterate World (Part 1)

The Story of Scripts – Understanding Cuneiform (Part 2)

The Story of Scripts – Hieroglyphics (Part 3)

Sumerian Achievements

Sumerian, Akkadia and Babylon – Cuneiform Writing

Sumerian Cylinder Seals and Cuneiform Tablets

Writing in Mesopotamia

Writing System: Cuneiform

Cuneiform Writing – An Overview

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