Ancient Mesopotamia (Sumer, Babylon, Assyria) Vocabulary for Kids and Teachers Illustration

Ancient Mesopotamia for Kids and Teachers

These are vocabulary words kids need to know in your study of ancient Mesopotamia.

Lesson Idea: Hand out a vocabulary sheet that you create or use one below already prepared by a teacher. Tell them they don't need to learn these words now, but you'll have them to refer to as needed. Run over the vocabulary you think is important with your kids. Tell them to place this sheet in their Mesopotamia folder. As you move through the unit, keep pulling out the vocabulary list. Ask them if any of these words sound familiar. If I'm tight on time, I have them check off the ones they know. If I have a little time left at the end of class, I have them draw a quick and small illustration on the back of their sheet. Tell your students to ask a neighbor - sideways, front to back, back to front, however you have your room arranged - and ask their neighbor: What is this? Be prepared for some noise, comments, and giggles. There is always a comedian or two in every class.

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